This club was established in 2000 to love and preserve Lhasa Apso, and appeal this breed of dog to more people in Japan.

Therefore, this club was not established for dog distribution purposes.

According to an annual registration by the Japan Kennel Club in 2000, the number of Lhasa Apsos was 171.
Compared to the most popular dogs; 97,178 Dachshunds, 33,935 Shih Tzus and 32,172 Chihuahuas, the statistical result of Lhasa Apso was disappointingly low.
Furthermore, it is a concern that this breed is experiencing a decreasing trend year after year.
The number of Lhassa Apsos has been decreasing; 142 in 2001, 110 in 2002, 124 in 2003. Until a few years ago, about 300 Lhasa Apsos were registered domestically, and yet showing a modest popularity for a small dog.
As for the U.S., contrary to Japan, Lhasa Apso even now is a symbol of Tibet culture: due to the charisma of Dalai Lama (his pets Sangei and Tashi were Lhasa Apsos), the anticommunist movement on the repression of Tibet by China and the Tibetan independence movement endorsed by Hollywood celebrities such as Richard Gear and Uma Thurman.
Unfortunately, Lhasa Apso in Japan is commonly considered a "minority dog breed," and close to extinction.

Some people might think that such a rare breed would have scarcity value. However, it isn't true and has even negative effects to its kind. Recently, you often find false Lhasa Apso with a pedigree paper even though it is a mixed breed. This situation probably occurs because being such a minority breed makes mating very difficult.
There is a crucial phenomenon that Lhasa Apso, having no chance to enter dog shows in Japan, domestic breeders don't have knowledge or opportunities to study of its breed standards.

Lhasa Apso is a kind of small dog which has a lovely and calm character and a fine coat of fur.
They are quiet, bright, cooperative and socialized, and have little body odor.
They have class, walk gracefully and a cute hip outline. Their body contours from head to tail are similar to the Himalaya Mountains. The pupils trimming with long fluttering lashes sparkle like shining stars in the sky.

Please experience the charm and fascination of the Tibetan dog at our homepage, Dog Club Lhasa Apso Japan. 
Club Representative Etsuko Igarashi